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Why Gun Barrel City? -- Because it's a small town with some big advantages.

First, Gun Barrel City has a Robust local economy derived from a growing and expanding economic base.

Second, the Cedar Creek “Lakeplex” represents an extended market area for local businesses. Gun Barrel City draws consumers from the entire area, because no other city around the lake has comparable shopping, dining, and entertainment. Our neighbors therefore come here for special purchases, and even for routine ones, or for dinner and a movie, and a Dairy Queen ice cream afterwards.

Third, Anchor stores Wal-Mart Supercenter and Lowe’s attract consumers from all around the lake, and these consumers shop and dine at other businesses as well while they are here. Both these stores are highly successful; for example the Gun Barrel City Lowe's was "Store of the Year" for 2015 over a four-state region. The Gun Barrel City Wal-Mart is one of the top 100 stores in the Wal-Mart system. These successes indicate the draw of Gun Barrel City across the region, and help assure reliable traffic for other Gun Barrel City retailers.

Fourth, the City and EDC actively market Gun Barrel City as a destination to attract those outside the region, especially Dallas-Fort Worth area residents. These events, including '80s in April, July Fest, Rock the Park, and Christmas celebrations, as well as the lake itself, draw thousands of additional consumers here annually.

Finally, the Economic Development Corporation offers grants and loans to existing businesses or businesses locating here, and can also help source and train qualified employees.

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