Business Round Table

The Business Round Table is a forum for two way communication between Gun Barrel City government and businesses, facilitated by the Economic Development Corporation.Format: Informal discussion followed by panel Q&A

Business leaders can talk to city leaders including the Mayor, the City Manager,Council Members, and EDC Board Members.

the Business Round Table lets business leaders engage City government on their pressing issues.

The Business Round Table provides City government input on business, economic, and community development matters to preserve the city's quality of life and economic vitality. Since its inception, many of the recommendations from the Round Table have been implemented, with more in work.

The Round Table includes lunch and a opportunity for informal conversation among the participants.

Why a Round Table?

The name harks back to King Arthur's famous round table, where every knight could have his say. Similarly, the Round Table format allows attendees to discuss ideas with each other rather than one person speaking to an audience.