Business Interest Group

Do you watch "Shark Tank" and think, "I could do that!"

Do you think of being your own boss?

Do you have a business idea you want to develop?

If so, you need to join... the Business Interest Group.

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The Business Interest Group fosters entrepreneurship among Gun Barrel City residents of all ages. If you dream of being your own boss, or have a hobby you'd like to turn into a business - we want you!

If you are interested in helping people get started in business - from building their resume to developing a business plan, to securing financing - We want you, too.

The Business Interest Group meets quarterly at a meeting place to be announced. We will have a guest speaker and create a "crowd sourced" business that all can participate in and have shared equity - a hands-on business startup right here in GBC. It may not make us wealthy (we can only hope), but we'll learn a lot.