Birdwatching and Wildlife Photography around Gun Barrel City

(Photos courtesy Carol Stiles)

Cedar Creek Lake Wildlife Management Area

Three islands totaling 160 acres in Cedar Creek Reservoir comprise the Cedar Creek Islands Wildlife Management Area. Aquatic and other birds use the islands as habitat and as rookeries (nesting places). They  therefore should not be disturbed during spring or summer.



Island Locations

Big Island is near Kemp - take Hwy 274 toward Kemp if driving. The island is past King's Creek bridge. If you are boating, head North (away from the dam). Watch for King's Creek bridge on your left; it will be dead ahead. See Map 1 below.

Persimmon and Bird Islands: Just off the bridge from Seven Points going to Gun Barrel City. Both are convenient to Big Chief and Tom Finley launch sites. See Map 2 below.


Map 1. Big Island WMA


Map 2. Persimmon and Bird Island WMA

Dates Open: The areas are viewable year round, but please keep Spring and summer  viewing as unobtrusive as possible. Those are times when the birds lay their eggs and rear their young, so they are most sensitive to disturbances then.

Please note: Wildlife viewing is from boats or the banks of Cedar Creek Reservoir only, to protect the birds’ nesting areas. According to the TPWD personnel, you can get as close as you like, as long as you stay in the water.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Contact Information:

Contact: Jamie Killian

Phone: (903) 389-7080
Address: 1670 FM 488, Streetman, TX 75859

(this is administrative offices, not the WMA location.)